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Maquila Compliance Solutions, a division of the Cowen Group, has developed Cumple! - a software program specifically crafted for Maquiladoras (or IMMEX companies) to maintain compliance with both US and Mexican Custom laws and regulations (Annex 24 & 30)

Our Cumple! software offers the following capabilities:

  • Creates US & Mexican Customs commercial invoices via interface or manually

  • Temporary imports and exports to and from Mexico controlled by part number

  • Customizable report generation

  • Provides an audit trail of official documentation

  • Lessens exposure to substantial fines and penalties or even the cancellation of IMMEX permits

  • Bilingual modes (screens in Spanish and English)

  • Remote system updates of any official published changes to Mexican Customs regulations and laws

  • Strong user security control

  • Easily download / upload information via MS Excel

  • Ability to audit system information vs information transmitted via pedimentos to Mexican government (GLOSA)

  • Ability to access updated US & MX Harmonized Tariff Schedules

  • Specialized warnings and alerts (e.g., expiring temporary imports, incorrect tariff assignments, required documentation: i.e. Certification of Origin, etc.

  • The ability to run temporary import discounts interactively 

  • Customization using personalized SQL queries and processes 

  • On or offsite training on current versions or updates to Cumple! 

  • Our customer service department is fluent in Spanish and English

Additionally, we offer the following services:

  • Audit and consulting services to determine the level of compliance of your operations with Mexican and US regulations  

  • Specialized services which includes processing your import and export commercial invoices, overseeing your temporary import balances, and coordinating your import and export function  

  • Reconstruction services to address inconsistencies with temporary importation balances

For more information, please visit

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